My first “wild yeast” sourdough bread. Photo by L.J. Bailey.

A year ago, the idea I would ever involve myself in baking was laughable. My kitchen is small and not modernized. The oven is old and heats unevenly, as evidenced by the frozen pizzas that burn on one half while the other half is underdone. Most importantly, I felt, baking…

To be a better writer, you’ll have to read a lot. There’s no avoiding this, but why on earth would you want to do that?

If you’re looking for ideas to write about or ways to supplement and develop your writing, try accessing some of the content available online. However, many resources that seem free are ultimately hidden behind a paywall or a subscription fee after a seven-day free trial. Companies need to make money…

L.J. Bailey

Writer, educator, nonprofit unicorn.

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